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9 Things to Do in Mont-Saint-Michel

Up-to-Date 2024  –  By Culture Francia Team

Table of Contents

What to See & Do

Mont-Saint-Michel Overall Appeal ★★★★★

  Name Appeal Type Visit Cost
01 Streets & Ramparts ★★★★★ Walking Around Either Either
02 Abbey ★★★★★ Abbey + Panorama Either Paid
03 Sand Bay Hiking ★★★★★ Hiking Tour Paid
04 Sand Bay Horse Riding ★★★★★ Horse Riding Tour Paid
05 Ultralight Craft ★★★★★ Flight Tour Paid
06 Viewpoint Dam ★★★★★ Panorama Self Free
07 Biking ★★★★★ Biking Tour Paid
08 Night Illuminations ★★★★★


Self Free
09 St. Pierre Church ★☆☆☆☆ Church Self Free

01. Village Streets & Ramparts

A bustling narrow street in Mont Saint-Michel, lined with historic buildings and crowded with tourists.
Visitors walk along the ramparts of Mont Saint-Michel, with historic stone buildings and expansive views of the bay.

Appeal ★★★★★
Type Walking Around

Visit Self or Tour
Cost Free or Paid

The streets of the mount are narrow and winding. The main street is packed with shops and restaurants.

The medieval ramparts and defensive towers offer great views of the bay.

If you stay at the mount overnight, it’s worth visiting the streets again, as they have a different atmosphere and are much less crowded.

Main Entrance
– Porte de l’Avancée

– Grande Rue (main street)
– Rue La Truie qui File
– Rue Logis Sainte-Catherine
– Rue Les Fanils (alternative entrance)

– Porte et Logis du Roi
– Tour de la Liberté
– Bastion
– Tour du Nord

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02. Abbey

A detailed view of Mont Saint-Michel Abbey, showcasing its gothic architecture with a backdrop of expansive water and land.

Appeal ★★★★★
Type Abbey + Panorama

Visit Self or Tour
Cost Paid

Founded in the 8th century, the Abbey of Mont-Saint-Michel, a stunning example of Gothic architecture, sits majestically atop the island.

It also offers incredible panoramic views of the bay.

03. Sand Bay Hiking

A group of people hike barefoot across the sandy bay towards Mont Saint-Michel under a partly cloudy sky.

Appeal ★★★★★
Type Hiking

Visit Tour
Cost Paid

Hiking across the sand bay of Mont-Saint-Michel is a unique adventure, giving you close-up views of the island and its bay.

Hiking in the bay is mandatory with a guide, as it is essential to know which areas of the bay are safe to walk on.

04. Sand Bay Horse Riding

Two riders on horseback travel along the beach with Mont Saint-Michel visible in the distance against a cloudy sky.

Appeal ★★★★★
Type Horse Riding

Visit Tour
Cost Paid

Horse riding in the sand bay is an exciting way to see the natural beauty of Mont Saint-Michel. Riders can cross the tidal flats and enjoy the peaceful scenery with experienced guides.

05. Ultralight Craft

An ultralight trike flies over Mont Saint-Michel, offering a bird's-eye view of the island and its structures.

Appeal ★★★★★
Type Flight

Visit Tour
Cost Paid

Taking an ultralight craft flight is a thrilling way to see Mont Saint-Michel and its stunning surroundings from above. These small, lightweight aircraft offer unbeatable views of the island, the bay, and the Normandy coast.

06. Viewpoint Dam

A distant view of Mont Saint-Michel from a wooden deck, with the abbey rising above the surrounding water and grasslands.

Appeal ★★★★★
Type Panorama

Visit Self
Cost Free

The dam on the Couesnon River offers amazing views of Mont Saint-Michel and the nearby landscape. This modern structure manages tidal flows and is a great spot for photos.

07 . Biking

Two cyclists ride along a wooden path towards Mont Saint-Michel, with a clear sky and scenic views of the surrounding bay and grasslands.

Appeal ★★★★★
Type Biking

Visit Tour
Cost Paid

Biking around Mont Saint-Michel lets you explore the beautiful countryside at your own pace. There are plenty of trails winding through scenic fields and along the coast.

08. Night Illuminations

Mont Saint-Michel illuminated at night, with the abbey and surrounding buildings glowing against the dark sky.

Appeal ★★★★★
Type Illuminations

Visit Self
Cost Free

Only in summer, at night, Mont Saint-Michel turns into a magical scene with the abbey and ramparts glowing against the dark sky.

09. St. Pierre Church

The interior of Saint-Pierre Church at Mont Saint-Michel, featuring stone arches, wooden pews, and stained glass windows.

Appeal ★☆☆☆☆
Type Church

Visit Self
Cost Free

St. Pierre Church, located within the village of Mont Saint-Michel, is a small church dating back to the 11th century.

Tiny Museums

Appeal ☆☆☆☆☆
Type Museums

Visit Self
Cost Paid

There a 4 tiny museums within the village of Mont Saint-Michel but they are rarely appreciated by visitors.

– Archéoscope
– Logis Tiphaine
– Historical Museum
– Maritime Museum

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