Terms and Conditions


Business name : Culture Francia

French Enterprise ID : 828 895 037 00012 RCS Rennes – APE 7911Z

Professional Liability Insurance : Groupama

Travel Agency Licence Number : IM035170006 Atout France

Travel Agency Professional Liability Insurance : APST

Address : 14 rue Docteur Calmette, 35200 Rennes, France

Tel : +33 632 187 777

1 – Formalities

A passport with a minimum validity of 3 months after the return date.

In the event that you require a Schengen Visa for your stay in France, Culture Francia cannot be held responsible for the non-issuance of the visa by the relevant authorities.

Similarly, in the event that your driving licence is not accepted by a car rental company, Culture Francia cannot be held liable.

Whatever the official documents, you are responsible for their compliance with French law.

2 – Routing

CULTURE FRANCIA does not organise transport to the departure point of your itinerary.

3 – Prices

No complaints concerning the price will be taken into consideration upon return. It is therefore the customer’s responsibility to assess whether the price is suitable before departure, accepting that it is a fixed daily price. The nature of the service included in the price is shown on the website.

4 – Terms of payment

Unless otherwise agreed, CULTURE FRANCIA receives full payment from the client upon subscription to the service.

5 – Our Suggestions

We have no partnership or commission with the places or people we suggest, we only suggest those we consider the best.

6 – Validity

Access to your Gps Map will be valid up to a few days after the last day of your trip.

7 – Loss or theft of personal items

CULTURE FRANCIA declines all responsibility and request for compensation or reimbursement of any kind in the event of loss or theft of personal items (see your insurance contract for possible coverage).

8 – Cancellation/modifications by the customer without reason of force majeure

In the event of cancellation or reduction of the number of days of the service by the client without reason of force majeure: serious accident, hospitalisation, death or death of a relative, no refund will be issued by CULTURE FRANCIA.

Any request to modify the service before departure or during the stay on site made by the customer can only be made subject to prior written agreement from us and payment by the customer of any additional costs involved.

9 – Cancellation/modifications by the customer for non-delivery

CULTURE FRANCIA cannot be held responsible for any cancellation or delay in air, rail or land transportation that would result in the client’s non-attendance at the start of the itinerary, for any reason whatsoever, even if the delay is the result of a third party.

10 – Cancellation/modifications by the client due to force majeure

In the event of cancellation or a reduction in the number of days of the service by the client for reasons of force majeure: serious accident, hospitalisation, death, death of a relative, and only upon presentation of official documents attesting to this, CULTURE FRANCIA will offer you a voucher equivalent to your payment on other dates of your choice.

11 – Transfer of registration

The customer cannot transfer their registration to a third party unless they are in the exact same conditions as the previous point.

12 – Cancellation/modifications by CULTURE FRANCIA.

We reserve the right to cancel our service for reasons we deem necessary:
External circumstances beyond our control (strikes, political incidents, health risks/disasters, natural disasters, etc.): in this case and in the interest of the client, we will offer to modify the terms of the trip (dates, itinerary, etc.) or to cancel it with complete refund.