Culture Francia recommends the Visorando app for hiking in France

To get the best places and logistics, Culture Francia uses its own app with your custom itinerary, as explained in step 4 on our page Concept. And for hiking, we recommend the best hiking app in France: Visorando. Here is a brief presentation.

Hikes for all levels

Visorando offers a wide variety of hikes for all levels whether you are a beginner or experienced. You can find the hike that best suits your level. In addition, the app allows you to sort hikes by region, difficulty, duration, or distance, which makes it easy to find the ideal hike.

Detailed maps and accurate routes

Visorando is also very practical for following hiking routes. The app allows you to download detailed maps that guide you throughout your journey. You can also save your routes to consult them later.

Practical features for a better hiking experience

Visorando also offers practical features for an optimal hiking experience. For example, the app allows you to track your progress, you can receive notifications to remind you of upcoming turns, points of interest, and breaks. You can also record your route in real-time to consult it later.

An app available on multiple devices

Visorando is available on multiple devices for practical and efficient use. The app is available on Android and iOS, which allows users of most smartphones to enjoy it. In addition, you can also access Visorando via its website for use on a computer or tablet. It is available in French or English.

We trace the routes of your hikes for you

As explained at the bottom of step 4 on our page Concept, we trace the best route from the location where you plan to hike and send you its reference number so that you can access it from Visorando.

I want to use a hiking app other than Visorando

If you want to use another hiking app that you are used to, it is also possible. We send you the .gpx file corresponding to the route we traced and you import it into your preferred hiking app to access it.


Visorando is an essential app for hiking in France. It offers a wide variety of hikes for all levels, detailed maps and accurate routes, practical features for an optimal hiking experience, and availability on multiple devices. And if you want to use another hiking app in France, that is still possible.

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