Culture Francia opens a blog and gets on social networks

Culture Francia wants to bring even more practical information for those who want to discover France. Many of you ask us for practical information by email for your trip. So that you have easy and direct access to it, we will publish articles in this blog to have this relevant information in a synthesized and easy to read way.
We will also put the news on our social network pages : Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.

Practical advice

You already have a lot of information in our Faq, but other questions sometimes need more detailed answers. We’ll select the ones we’re most often asked by email to publish in this blog.

Specific topics

When planning their itineraries, our future travelers may often have specific questions corresponding to themes that interest them and that they wish to discover in France. We will address several of them here in addition to those you can already find in our Trip ideas and Options.

Don’t be drowned in information

One of the huge advantages of the digital age is the access to a huge amount of information, unfortunately this brings a negative aspect which is the one of being drowned in the information overload…

At Culture Francia, knowing France well and knowing how to synthesize and explain in a relevant way, we are your privileged partner to have the right information without being lost between a multitude of websites and tourist books. We are your advice center for your trip.

This corresponds to Step 1 of our Concept which is totally free and without any commitment !

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