Concept : 5 steps

Step 1 : planning your trip (free)

We plan together your itinerary with :

  • Our Main suggestions on our page Trips

  • Our Extras suggestions on our page Trips

  • Other places, ideas from you (not present on the site) : we offer you our advise.

And we send you a map with the route of your itinerary.

This Step 1 is free and in no way commits you to anything.
So do not hesitate to contact us !

Step 2 : paying for our service to obtain the following steps

Secure payment of 30€ / day of travel, regardless of the number of people :

  • If you travel as a couple for example,
    it will cost you only
    15€ / day / person !

  • And even less per person if you are more people !

Step 3 : accommodation in the places where you will stay overnight

We send you a list of suggested accommodation for each place where you will be staying :
(except if you travel by campervan or motorhome)

  • Hotel, House/apartment, B&B, etc
  • in the category(ies) you desire: 3*, 4*, 5*.
  • You select the accommodation you want for each place
  • and you proceed with the reservations and payments.

We also send you links to tourist attractions and activities where we advise you to buy tickets in advance.

And if you wish to have private guides for certain visits, we will send you contacts.

Step 4 : your trip itinerary set up in our handy Application with :

  • Suggestions of French cuisine restaurants for every lunch and dinner,
    we will suggest you restaurants of various categories (because the best restaurants don’t necessarily mean the most expensive)
  • As well as suggestions of bars, cafés, etc
  • All the touristic places you plan to visit with places to park
  • Beautiful view points
  • Links to hiking itineraries
  • Some picnic spots
  • Your accommodation (chosen in step 3)
  • GPS coordinates and the links to Google for all these places
  • (no ads).

+ If you travel without a vehicle :

  • The bus and train stations you will need for your coach and train journeys.

+ If you travel by campervan or motorhome :

  • Suggestions of spots to spend the night.

Step 5 : a personalized cultural Booklet

Upon arrival in France, you will receive
a cultural Booklet containing a summary of explanations based on texts and maps/graphs about :

  • France in general
  • The places you plan to visit.

We have no partnership or commission with the places or people we suggest,
we only suggest those we consider the best.